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Imaging Quest, Frequently Asked Questions

about used CT and mri machines

Q. Why choose the Imaging Quest Group?

A. Honest, Experienced, Affordable, On-Time.

Q.What are the different types of MRI and CT machines that you offer?

A. We stock and have access to numerous models of CT and MRI as well as Rad Rooms. We can provide a turnkey solution for full featured center or only a system. We have CT systems varying from 16 slice to 256 slice, ( Siemens Scope, Emotion, Definition AS, Force), and MRI systems that are either 1.5 tesla or 3 tesla.( Siemens Avanto, Espree, Aera, Skyra, Verio) All have the latest features, fast scan times, and of course with the Zero Helium Boil off technology. There is a sample of 1.5 and 3.0 tesla images HERE

Q. How much does a used MRI or CT system cost from your company?

A. Depending on your specialty, we will offer the most fitting CT or MRI system,that will be reliable, modern and delivers the results required, as we do not believe in "UP selling" anything. With that in mind, CT systems can be priced anywhere from $65,000 to $450,000 (256 slice that is 5 years old or newer) and MRI systems from $200,000 like a Siemens Avanto to $825,000 for a Siemens Skyra. Professional delivery and installation services will be included, as well as a minimum warranty, (Unless a client fully opts out of warranty coverage in full or in part).

Q.What services do you offer for the machines you sell?

A. Any equipment we sell, can include full turn-key structure, that covers delivery, rigging, installation, training, and a full service warranty.

Q.How long does it take to receive a machine after placing an order?

A. Market conditions can fluctuate and therefore affect the lead time. However, we always work with our clients schedule, and contractors, to arrange a delivery time that is efficient and suitable to our clinet's time line. After a sales contract is approved, our team begins the arrangements immediately, and proceed with site inspections, site specific cad drawings, coordinations with the customer's general contractor, and that schedule of work continues until the system is scanning on site.

Q.What are the financing options available?

A. Financing for any system we sell is always available. We work with many different lenders, and we can assist you in obtaining the best possible rates and finance package. As a matter of fact it is as easy as filling out our confidential Credit Application and we will work with the lender to get the approval and present you with finance options.

Q.How do I schedule a consultation meeting?

A. We are available 7 days per week. You can email us, use the contact form, telephone, or for more specific and detailed inquiry, fill out the specific "Request" form, and we will be back in touch in no time, to schedule a meeting in person, online or by a phone call.

Q.Do you have any references or case studies?

A.The Imaging Quest team, and over many decades, have completed numerous projects with outstanding results and therefore we have many existing clients in our referal base. Onsite visits can be scheduled, as long as we are respectful to our host's environment and work schedule.

Q. What are IQ's Holidays?

A. Our team celebrates all the normal Holidays in the USA. However, we understand the nature of our business and the urgencies that are associated with our work. Therefore you can rest assured that we will exert all efforts to get your part shipped, or your service handled efficiently all year long

Q. Do you actually stock any equipment?

A. The simple answer is Yes. In many cases we always have few CT systems staged, and some MRI machines at our facilities. When it comes to newer models (less than 7 years old), we may have to go with a special order or place the request on a wait list.

Q. How about HIPAA regulations?

A. Every team member is fully aware, trained and certified on HIPAA laws and standards. Our exposure to any data during a service call is 100% secured and respected. Additionally, all engineers are aware and respectful of all Covid-19 regulations.